The Top 10 University To Study Data Science

Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology have created large amounts of data in the enterprise, potentially generating billions of dollars in value. However, companies struggle to find data talent due to a lack of supply. Some 40% of companies said they were unable to hire or retain data talent because of the talent shortage and the demand for these skills will only increase.

For those interested in breaking into the field, this article shows that prestigious and technical universities are the institutions producing strong data science talent. The following 10 University are the best options for an aspiring student seeking a degree in this field.

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1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge offers an 11-month M.Phil in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence. The full-time program is offered by the Machine Learning Group, the Speech Group, and the Computer Vision and Robotics Group in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering. The course aims to teach the state-of-the-art in machine learning, speech and language processing, and computer vision; to give students the skills and expertise necessary to take leading roles in industry and to equip them with the research skills necessary for doctoral study at Cambridge and other universities. Employment prospects are also extremely good for students who plan to go directly into industry. The course will impart directly employable skills and expertise which are in great demand in the IT, financial, and manufacturing sectors.

2. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester offers an MS in Data Science through the Goergen Institute for Data Science. The program can be completed in two or three semesters of full-time study, but the two-semester path includes a rigorous course load, so it’s recommended for students who already have a strong background in computer science and mathematics. For those without a strong background in computer science, you can take an optional summer course that will help get you up to speed before the program starts.

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3. Toronto Rotman School of Management

Toronto offers a 9-month (one academic year) Master of Management Analytics. The program involves developing a precise understanding of the factors influencing managerial decisions, and designing data and analytical solutions to support these decisions. While obtaining professional certification is not a program requirement, you will be supported and encouraged to write professional certification exams for organizations such as SAS. The program also provides an opportunity to gain in-depth experience through a real-life managerial problem. The program starts in August (Fall intake only) and the first-round application deadline is in Mid-November.

4. University of Magdeburg

It is one of the most top-ranked universities in Germany for Data Science & Analytics degrees. The attraction of this university is its flexible study modules and innovative teaching approach. It has a high employability rate for its graduates. The MSc Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKE) program at Magdeburg can be studied in German or English. In the Master Data and Knowledge Engineering students acquire solid knowledge on the theoretical aspects and application areas of knowledge discovery, machine learning, data mining, and warehousing, of the supporting database technologies, the languages, and models for the representation of data, information, and knowledge. The Master’s program offers interdisciplinary courses, practical exercises, and project works, in which students become familiar with the challenges of applications in business, natural sciences, biotechnology, security, manufacturing, and engineering. They obtain the expertise and skills necessary for the design and realization of innovative solutions – working in one-person projects and in teams.

5. University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst

It’s one of the best universities that offer MS Data Science and Analytics in the US. UMass Amherst is regarded as one of the best research universities in the US. The Masters in Data Science program at UMass Amherst is a two-year program, in which you will develop an in-depth understanding of Machine Learning, NLP, Statistics, Neural Networks, and Advanced Algorithms & Systems for Data Science. The program teaches you to develop and apply methods to collect, curate, and analyze large-scale data, and to make discoveries and decisions using those analyses.

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6. University of Chicago

The Graham School at the University of Chicago attracts students from all over the world to our downtown Chicago campus for the Master of Science in Analytics program. The curriculum includes modules on Statistical Analysis, Big Data Platforms, Data Mining, Programming for Analytics, Data Engineering, Linear Algebra & Matrix Analysis, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics, Research Design, Advanced Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and many more. The MS program also offers a mandatory Capstone Project.

7. Georgia State University

The MS Analytics program at Georgia State is a 3-semester program. Full-time students can also complete the program in 12 months. The program offers core modules on Data Science, Machine Learning for Analytics, Deep Learning Analytics, and Scalable Data Analytics. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in various boot camps such as Linear Algebra, R Programming, Data Visualization, Tableau, Advanced R, Big Data Programming, SAS, etc. Know more about the program, recent employers and other details.

8. University of Oxford

Oxford offers an MSc in Social Data Science that provides the social and technical expertise needed to analyze unstructured heterogeneous data about human behaviour, thereby informing our understanding of the human world.  Recent graduates of this program have secured excellent positions in industry, government, NGOs, or have gone on to pursue doctoral studies at top universities.

9. London School of Economics (LSE)

The Masters in Data Science provides training in data science methods, emphasizing statistical perspectives. You will receive a thorough grounding in theory, as well as the technical and practical skills of data science. The program will cover fundamental aspects of data, computational techniques, and statistical analysis. There is a range of options ranging from Distributed Computing for Big Data and Statistical Computing to Financial Statistics and Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance.

10. Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University offers an MS in Data Science through its Data Science Institute, which requires 30 credits to complete. Columbia University offers a long list of concentrations for its MS in Data Science program, including health analytics, cybersecurity, finance and business analytics and smart cities, among other topics. Before you apply for the program, you’ll need to be able to code in multiple languages, such as R, Python, C and Java. Even if you apply with a strong quantitative background and no programming skills, you will still need to learn at least one language before you can take the Algorithms for Data Science course.

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