Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

164 data science interview questions and answers will help you to master the art of interviewing for a data science position, from job-specific technical questions to tricky behavioural inquiries and unexpected brainteasers and guesstimates. This book will prepare you for any job candidacy in the field – data scientist, data analyst, BI analyst, data engineer or data architect.

Its goal is to teach by example – not only by giving you a list of interview questions and their answers but also by sharing the techniques and thought processes behind each question and the expected answer. Once you read it, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools to succeed during the data science interview.

How to Use This Book for Best Results? Award yourself with enough time to work through the
questions. This way, you’ll really understand what they are asking and what information you should highlight for the best response. If studied well, this book will enhance both your technical and communication skills.