Programming Python Mark Lutz

Programming Python Mark Lutz explores ways to apply the Python programming language in common application domains and realistically scaled tasks. It’s about what you can do with the language once you’ve mastered its fundamentals. This book assumes you are relatively new to each of the application domains it covers GUIs, the Internet, databases, systems programming, and so on and presents each from the ground up, in a tutorial fashion. Along the way, it focuses on commonly used tools and libraries, rather than language fundamentals.

This Fourth Edition has been updated to present the language, libraries, and practice of Python 3.X. Specifically, its examples use Python 3.1 the most recent version of Python at the time of writing and its major examples were tested successfully under the third alpha release of Python 3.2 just prior to publication, but they reflect the version of the language common to the entire 3. X line. This edition has also been reorganized in ways that both streamline some of its former material and allow for coverage of newly emerged tools and topics.

Programming Python Mark Lutz
Programming Python Mark Lutz

About This Fourth Edition

If this is the first edition of this book you’ve seen, you’re probably less interested in recent changes, and you should feel free to skip ahead past this section. For readers of prior editions, though, this Fourth Edition of this book has changed in three important ways:
• It’s been updated to cover Python 3.X (only).
• It’s been slimmed down to sharpen its focus and make room for new topics.
• It’s been updated for newly emerged topics and tools in the Python world.
The first of these is probably the most significant this edition employs Python 3. X language, its version of the standard library, and the common practice of its users.

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