R For Dummies

R For Dummies is an introduction to the statistical programming language known as R. Book start by introducing the interface and works our way from the very basic concepts of the language through more sophisticated data manipulation and analysis. Book illustrate every step with easy-to-follow examples. This book contains numerous code snippets, several write-it-yourself functions you can use later on, and complete analysis scripts. All these are for you to try out yourself.

Book doesn’t attempt to give a technical description of how R is programmed internally but the book does focus as much on the why as on the how. R doesn’t function as your average scripting language, and it has plenty of unique features that may seem surprising at first. Instead of just telling you how you have to talk to R, writers believe it’s important for us to explain how the R engine reads what you tell it to do. After reading this book, you should be able to manipulate your data in the form you want and understand how to use functions we didn’t cover in the book (as well as the ones we do cover).

R For Dummies takes the steepness out of the learning curve for using R. R For Dummies does not guarantee that you’ll be a guru if you read this book, but you should be able to do the following:

  • Perform data analysis by using a variety of powerful tools Use the power of R to do statistical analysis and other data-processing tasks
  • Appreciate the beauty of using vector-based operations rather than loops to do speedy calculations Appreciate the meaning of the following line of code: knowledge <- apply(theory, 1, sum)
  • Know how to find, download, and use code that has been contributed to R by its very active community of developers