How To Live by Sarah Bakewell

How To Live by Sarah Bakewell is partly a biography of Montaigne, and partly a philosophical exploration on how to live based on Montaigne’s writings and his life. The question of ‘How to live?’ is answered in twenty different ways, all of which relate to themes that Montaigne explored infamous essays. The answers range from ‘don’t … Read more

25 Socrates Quotes That Make Yourself Better Person


One of the greatest and most famous Greek philosophers, Socrates is considered the first moral philosopher and one of the founders of Western philosophy. Since he didn’t write down any of his work and teachings, the philosopher remains an enigmatic figure, known only from the writings of his students, particularly Plato and Xenophon. Socrates wanted … Read more

8 Best Modern Philosophy Books 2021

8 Best Modern Philosophy Books 2020

Before searching for the best modern philosophy books. Why are we here? What is reality? How can we love? These are just some of the hard questions we all have had in our lifetime and ones we are still constantly looking for the answers to. Some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers were engaged in the field … Read more