The field guide to data science is a textbook for students who love data science. The writers of this textbook have a deeper understanding of the concepts at the heart of Data Science. Data is the byproduct of our new digital existence. Recorded bits of data from mundane traffic cameras to telescopes peering into the depths of space are propelling us into the greatest age of discovery our species has ever known. Every aspect of our lives, from life-saving disease treatments to national security, to economic stability and even the convenience of selecting a restaurant, can be improved by creating better data analytics through Data Science.

The Field Guide to Data Science provides Booz Allen’s perspective on the complex and sometimes mysterious Field of Data Science. We cannot capture all that is Data Science. Nor can we keep up – the pace at which this field progresses outdates work as fast as it is produced. As a result, writers have opened this field guide to the world as a living document to bend and grow with technology, expertise, and evolving techniques. If you find the guide to be useful, neat, or even lacking, then we encourage you to add your expertise, including:
› Case studies from which you have learned
› Citations for journal articles or papers that inspire you
› Algorithms and techniques that you love
› Your thoughts and comments on other people’s additions

The field guide to data science