R Cheat Sheet For Everyone

R is a powerful programming language used for data analysis and statistical computing. Here is a quick reference guide to get you started with R programming. Basic Syntax: Data Types: Vectors: Matrices: DataFrames: Reading Data: Data Manipulation: Plotting: Statistics:

Download Python Cheat Sheet

Python cheat sheet can be an essential tool for anyone looking to learn or improve their skills in this powerful and versatile programming language. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced developer, a Python cheat sheet is a handy reference that can help you quickly and easily find the information you need to … Read more

Top R Packages For Data Visualization That You Should know

Top R Packages For Data Visualization That You Should Know: The popular data visualization tools that are available are Tableau, Plotly, R, Google Charts, Infogram, and Kibana. The various data visualization platforms have different capabilities, functionality, and use cases. They also require a different skill set. This article discusses the use of the top R … Read more

Advantages of Using R for Data Science

Advantages of Using R for Data Science, In modern times, the field of data science is evolving at a breakneck pace. Hence, businesses need to embrace the same before getting left behind at a distance that will keep on increasing over time. R is a powerful tool that has excellent statistical and visualization capabilities, making … Read more

Most Useful R Functions You Might Not Know

Almost every R user knows about popular packages like dplyr and ggplot2. But with 10,000+ packages on CRAN and yet more on GitHub, it’s not always easy to unearth libraries with great R functions. Here are the ten most useful R functions you might not know that make my life easier working in R. If … Read more

Solving a System of Equations in R With Examples

Solving a System of Equations in R With Examples: Solving a system of equations in R is a common task in mathematical and statistical applications. R has several built-in functions and packages to solve systems of equations, including the lm() function and the ‘rootSolve’ package. In this article, we will demonstrate how to solve a … Read more


MOST COMMON STATISTICAL DISTRIBUTIONS: Statistics is an essential branch of mathematics that involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. One of the central concepts in statistics is the idea of a distribution, which is a mathematical model that describes the pattern of the data. There are several common statistical distributions that are widely used … Read more

Hypothesis testing A Visual Introduction To Statistical Significance

This book contains examples of different types of hypothesis testing to determine if you have a statistically significant result. It is intended to be direct and to give easy to follow example problems that you can duplicate. In addition to information about what statistical significance is, or what the normal curve is exactly, the book … Read more