Hypothesis testing A Visual Introduction To Statistical Significance

This book contains examples of different types of hypothesis testing to determine if you have a statistically significant result. It is intended to be direct and to give easy to follow example problems that you can duplicate. In addition to information about what statistical significance is, or what the normal curve is exactly, the book contains a worked example for these types of statistical significance problems

  • Z Test
  • 1 Sample T-Test
  • Paired T-Test ( 2 examples )
  • 2 Sample T-Test with Equal Variance
  • 2 Sample T-Test with Unequal Variance
  • Every example has been worked by hand showing the appropriate equations
  • and also done in Excel using the Excel functions. So every example has 2
  • different ways to solve the problem. Additionally, this book includes a
  • Z Table
  • T Table
  • Along with the functions that you can use to create your own Z-Table or TTable
  • in Excel.

Table of Contents
Statistical Significance Overview
The Most Important Concept In This Book (If you read
nothing else, read this)
Variations Of Statistical Significance Problems
Example 1 – Z Test
But What Is The Normal Curve?
Doing A T-Test, Which Is Slightly Different Than A Z Test
Example 2 – 1 Sample T-Test
Paired T-Test – When You Use The Same Test Subject
Multiple Times
Example 3 – Paired T-Test
Example 3A – Paired T-Test With Non-Zero Hypothesis
Example 4 – Two-Sample T-Test with Equal Variance
Example 5 – 2 Sample T-Test With Unequal Variance
What If You Mix Up Equal Variance With Unequal Variance?
If You Found Errors Or Omissions
More Books
Thank You & Author Information

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