Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis

In the realm of economics, where decisions hold immense financial implications, harnessing the power of Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis is nothing short of crucial. By leveraging sophisticated quantitative tools, economists can unravel complex scenarios, forecast trends, and devise effective strategies. This article takes you on a journey through the landscape of Mathematical Methods for … Read more

Best Python Libraries For Financial Modeling

Best Python Libraries For Financial Modeling: The rise in the fintech industry amid coronavirus has increased globally. According to reports, over a billion dollar investment will be done in Fintech companies in the next 3–5 years. Python programming language is an excellent tool for developing new financial technologies. A wide range of software packages exists … Read more

Financial Analyst: Career Guide And Salary

The financial services industry is competitive and it can be tough to break into the field. If you’re interested in a career as a financial analyst, read on to find out what you can do to prepare yourself for the job. What Is a Financial Analyst? Financial analysts examine financial data and use their findings to help companies … Read more

Best Freelancing Business Idea’s For You

Freelancing is on the uptrend with one estimate putting the number of freelancers at 35% of the workforce. Being your boss, ability to set your hours and the potential to work from anywhere are some of the enticing perks to most freelancers. Thanks to widely available free tools and courses available online, there are tons … Read more

Happiness: How much money do we need to be happy?

Having money may bring you more happiness than spending it. It isn’t unusual for people to ask themselves how much money it takes to be happy. The next time this thought crosses your mind, don’t take it lightly because the answer is important. Being Rich Doesn’t Mean Happy A common assumption is a notion that happiness … Read more

Start A Business With No Money

You don’t always need a huge capital to get a business up and running. In fact, sometimes you can get started with little to no funding. Starting a business with no money might initially seem like a foolish idea, but it’s not impossible. It’s true that to start and scale any business, you’re going to need … Read more

COVID-19 Pandemic: Top Business Opportunities

Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every continent and country. It had an unprecedented impact not only on health and humanity but also on the global economy. The drastic shift in consumer behaviour has created an everlasting ripple effect on businesses from all industries. The announcements of health regulators to maintain social distancing made customers stay … Read more

The skills required for the digital economy

We are living in a digital economy. Business executives around the world worry about the future of jobs and the welfare of their employees as technology automated processes and make sections of staff redundant. According to a recent PwC study, almost half 46 per cent of CEOs globally said significant retraining is the most important … Read more